Somalia: How Would Be Life without EVC PLUS?


EVC Plus, one of the most sophisticated mobile banking services, was introduced by Hormuud Telecommunications at a time the security situation for residents in Mogadishu was at stake in the form of wide spread road blocks, organised crimes, robbery and pick pocketing were all rampant and became part of the daily occurrences in the capital city.

People would queue for remittance companies to pay for their bills and conduct their other normal businesses from transferring money to depositing into their accounts since there is no such possibility where one can carry the bulky Somali shillings in their pockets and the only available small dollar notes were limited in availability.

Even though I used to use a bit similar service called (M-Pesa) yet I was so impressed to have seen the EVC Plus service in Mogadishu which is way too far advanced than (M-Pesa) and one of the interesting facts about this service is, unlike M-pesa, it is free and easy to obtain from every shop in the village or in the high street.


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