WorldRemit international money transfers review


What is WorldRemit?
WorldRemit was founded in 2010, and today you can send money to more than 125 countries safely and securely through its simple online process. You indicate the country you’re sending money to and your recipient’s details, and WorldRemit will deliver your cash quickly into the hands of your friends or family.

How are WorldRemit’s exchange rates?
WorldRemit offers guaranteed exchange rates when you need to send money overseas. These rates are updated daily to reflect changing market conditions and generally compare favorably to the rates available from major UK banks. Compare WorldRemit’s exchange rates with those of your bank to see how they stack up.

How much does it cost to transfer money with WorldRemit?
The fee you’ll pay to send your money overseas with WorldRemit depends on the amount you send, where you send it and how your recipient will access the money.

For example, you’ll pay £2.99 for a bank deposit of £1,000 to Mexico, while sending the same amount via bank transfer to China will cost you £9.99.

Minimum transfer amount and available countries
Though limits vary by your recipient’s country, you can generally send from £1 to up to £2,000 in any 24 hours with WorldRemit.

Popular transfer destinations offered by WorldRemit include China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Canada, Brazil and Guatemala. To see a full list of available countries, visit WorldRemit’s website and reference the drop-down menu when you click “Send to.”


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